Information: Graduation and Senior Honors Night

2020 EJCHS Graduation Information


Graduation Practice–Friday, July 17 @ 7:00 am

  • Graduates will enter campus in their vehicles and drive through the parking lot on the west side (band practice field side) in order to turn in Chromebooks and pick up guest tickets.  Then you will park in the student parking lot and walk down to the staging area on the west side of the gym.
  • Graduates should meet on the West side of the gym near the soccer and band practice fields.  Only graduates are allowed in the staging area.  Be there by 7:00 am.
  • Dress comfortably.  It will be hot.  Consider wearing sunscreen and a hat or cap.  Don’t forget your sunglasses.  You might also want to bring some bottled water.
  • We will line you up and march to the stadium to practice.  The quicker we do this correctly, the sooner we get out of the hot sun.
  • Graduates will be spaced 6 feet apart.
  • Masks will be provided by the school.  It is your choice whether to wear them or not.
  • Students who do not practice on Friday will not be able to participate in the ceremony on Saturday.
  • After practice, you can pick up your senior breakfast at the entrance to the main gym.  You can bring beach towels or blankets to sit, 6 feet apart, in the shady area on the west side of the gym.
  • Bring your cap, gown, and tassel if you want to have a picture made in your cap and gown.  These photos will be taken in the main gym lobby.
  • No group picture can be taken, but we have asked the photographer to work on a collage using the individual photos
  • You will receive your tickets at graduation practice in the drive thru line.  Do not lose these.  Your guests will only be able to enter the stadium if they have a ticket.  Each graduate will receive 8 tickets.
  • Graduates cannot give unused tickets to other graduates.  We have organized the stadium by family groups, so all groups must stay with the confines of 8 individuals to fit into the space allocated.
  • Don’t forget to bring your Chromebooks and chargers to turn in on the morning of graduation practice.  You can’t get a diploma until you turn in a Chromebook!


Seniors Honors Night–Friday, July 17 @ 7:00 pm

  • Location:  EJCHS Auditorium
  • The only attendees are seniors who received an invitation in snail mail.  If you have a question as to whether or not you should have received an invitation, contact Ms. Nickerson ( 
  • Parents cannot enter the auditorium due to social distancing requirements, but we will be livestreaming the event as well as recording it to post on our school YouTube channel.
  • Students will be assigned seating in the auditorium so that we can maintain social distancing.  Presenters will be on the stage.
  • Ms. Lawhorn will be making pictures and posting so that parents will have some photos from the event.
  • Students should dress up for the event.  No jeans, shorts, or t-shirts, please.  It is a formal occasion.  


Graduation–Saturday, July 18 @ 8:00 am

  • Graduates should report to the west side of the gym at 7:00 am and immediately check in with their row monitor.
  • Only graduates are allowed in the staging area.
  • Graduates should arrive dressed in their cap, gown, and tassel
  • Do not bring cell phones.
  • The gates at the stadium will open for guests at 7:00 am.  No one will be allowed in the stadium without a ticket.  All guests must have a ticket–no matter their age.
  • Encourage your guests to bring a towel as the stadium seats will likely be wet with dew.
  • Both sides of the stadium will be available for seating.
  • Encourage your family members to enter the stadium at the same time as they must all sit together as one unit.
  • Portions of the stadium seats will be roped off so that distance can be maintained between family groups.
  • Restrooms will be available on the visitor side and on the home side between the bleachers and the field house.
  • Guests should not stand along the fencing.  All guests must be seated in the bleachers.
  • As graduates’ names are called, the graduates will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas from Mrs. Palmer.  We will not shake hands, but smiles, nods,  and elbow bumps are okay.
  • Guests will be able to come down on the field to celebrate with their graduate after the ceremony is over, but at that point it will be up to families to follow social distancing guidelines.


Graduation Dress Code

Male–white button up dress shirt, dark tie, navy or black pants, navy or black dress socks, dark dress shoes, cap, gown, tassel 

Female–dress, skirt, or romper that can’t been seen with the graduation gown on, navy or black dress shoes or dress sandals (think comfort), cap, gown, tassel 

*Do not decorate the top of your cap.  The name of the game for the ceremony is uniformity.  It is a formal occasion.    We have masks to provide to you so that we all look the same.