EJCHS Reminders for the week of March 23rd

Good afternoon, Eagles. Here are your weekly reminders.
Get ready for Digital Learning, Week 2. Thank you to those of you who have continued to be dedicated to learning and responding to your online assignments. Grades are being recorded in Infinite Campus so that parents can keep track of progress. You can also get a list of all our teachers, their email addresses, and the online platforms that they are using to deliver instruction by going to our school website.
This week, we will have regular online instruction on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday will be a remediation and catch up day for students. Teachers will continue to be online to assist students between the hours of 10:00-2:00, but no new assignments will be posted on Tuesday. Friday will be a teacher planning day, so teachers will not be required to hold online hours. Instead, they will be planning lessons for week 3 of Digital Learning. Our counselors will deliver advisement and career-focused lessons for our students on Friday. We will also offer some ideas for community service projects which will be posted to our website.
Thank you for your flexibility and support as we are all learning and growing together during these Digital Learning days. This week we will be recommending specific times for courses to meet in online Google Meet sessions so that students are not over-scheduled and can receive help from all of their teachers. These time frames are posted on our website.
We are unable to access our building at this time, so we are not able to provide paper copies of lessons. Our district office is working with local agencies in an attempt to provide Internet access to all areas of our community so that all students can participate in Digital Learning.

We all have questions about what the future holds, and it is difficult to be able to provide all the answers that are being sought at this time. Our greatest hope is that school will be able to resume on April 13. We know that spring brings many important events like Prom, graduation, banquets, Honors ceremonies, dance recitals, concerts, etc. We have not begun to reschedule these events as we do not know how many of them will be impacted by school closure. As soon as school is able to resume and our building is reopened, our staff is committed to providing students with these special end-of-the-year experiences. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy and follow the social distancing guidelines that our leaders are providing so that we can all be back together as Eagle Nation as soon as possible.

Online Google Meet Schedules
Monday (9:00-11:00)–ELA
Monday (11:00-1:00)–Fine Arts & Modern Language
Monday (1:00-3:00)–Math

Tuesday (9:00-11:00)–Social Studies
Tuesday (11:00-1:00)–CTAE & PE
Tuesday (1:00-3:00)–Science

Wednesday (9:00-11:00)–ELA
Wednesday (11:00-1:00)–Fine Arts & Modern Language
Wednesday (1:00-3:00)–Math

Thursday (9:00-11:00)–Social Studies
Thursday (11:00-1:00)–CTAE & PE
Thursday (1:00-3:00)–Science

Friday–Teacher work day