Exam Information


  • Wed–1st and 2nd exams
  • Thurs–5th and 6th exams
  • Fri–3rd and 4th exams
  • Mon–7th period exams
  • The bell schedule is normal for senior exam days.  They do not have extended periods
  • On senior exam days, seniors only have to report to the exam period(s) scheduled for that day UNLESS they owe teachers work or make up time.  Make up time must be communicated to Amanda Gerber in order for it to be adjusted in the computer.
  • They do not have to sign in and out through the front office.
  • If they are on campus, they must follow the schedule that is in Infinite Campus for them.
  • Seniors should not be marked absent on Wed-Mon unless they miss an exam that they are scheduled to take.
  • We will  have a make up time opportunity for students on May 21 for seniors who still need it.


    • May 21–7th during normal 6th and 7th period time (1:24-3:15)
    • May 22–1st (8:00-9:30)  & 2nd (9:35-11:05)–Early Release
    • May 23–3rd  (8:00-9:30) & 4th (9:35-11:05)–Early Release

May 24–5th  (8:00-9:30) & 6th (9:35-11:05)–Early Release

All Students –

EOCs and AP Exams function as a student’s final exam in a course.

Students who did not take the AP Exam, must take a final exam for the course.

  • Students who are not exempt from an EOC or AP course should still attend on exam days to complete whatever additional work is needed.  If they are not exempt, and they do not report to class, they will be marked absent.
  • If a student is exempt from a course, he/she should not be marked absent from the exam period.
  • All courses should offer an exam during the exam period (except for the EOC and AP courses mentioned above).
  • Even students who take a performance final (i.e. chorus concert, dance recital, Fitnessgram, yearbook) should have an assignment during the exam period.  
  • All students should take exams on the scheduled dates at the scheduled times unless approved by an administrator.  
  • Students who miss an exam should schedule a make up time with teachers.  Post-planning can be used as exam make up time for underclassmen.

Make up Time for Underclassmen

  • Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons this week, 3:15, room 485 (as it has been all year)
  • Early Release Day afternoons with Mrs. Gerber in room 485.  Students must provide their own transportation home at 3:00.
  • Potentially summer school