Response to Friday’s run through sign

East Jackson Community,

As the principal of EJCHS and a lifetime community member, I am extremely saddened by the poor choices of some individuals and the divisiveness that Friday night’s run through sign has created in our school community.  It certainly did not represent our school in the manner that I would want. Our school is filled with students and adults who care deeply for each other and support each other. Unfortunately, those wonderful students and teachers will attend school this week in the shadow of the events of Friday evening.

In order to prevent such an event from happening in the future, we will put into place some new protocols that up until this time have not been necessary.  We will also make sure that we use this as a learning experience for our students. Additionally, we are already working with our School Resource Officer and the sheriff’s department to ensure Monday is focused on learning;  student safety is and will continue to be our top priority. As adults, we have the awesome responsibility to help foster peace and understanding rather than hate and fear.  My hope is that we can work together this week to repair the damage that has been done and to re-establish a more positive face for EJCHS in our community.

I value the support of our parent community and appreciate your willingness to partner with us to help our school move past this incident.


Chanda Palmer